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Mother's Day is Weird

How do we handle it when Mother's Day and other holidays don't look the way they used to?...Read More

Women's Meeting - April 2017

Review of our April meeting, which featured personal testimonies and ministry around our true identity in Christ....Read More

Awkward Conversations

Thinking about the words we use and how they impact the hearer without becoming overly focused on ourselves...Read More

Thoughts on Ephesians

How can we know this love that surpasses knowledge?...Read More

Let's Take a Closer Look

Being seen from a distance to being known close up...Read More

Deborah - Woman of Valor (January meeting review)

This is a summary of our January 2017 meeting, including application questions....Read More

Revival - Who Needs It?

A not-so-serious look at our need for revival....Read More

Just Another Sunday Morning?

Sometimes giving in to my temptation to sin seems so silly that I can't even believe I succumb to it. But then again, I really shouldn't be too surprised....Read More


This may be a little obvious Thanksgiving week, but let's take time to cultivate thankfulness....Read More

You Anoint My Head With Oil

Experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as individuals...Read More