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Revelation - What Was, What Is, What Is To Come!

We all know what took place September 11, 2001. What if we had known about all that with absolute certainty on September 10, 2001? Would we not do absolutely everything in our power to use the information we had received to help people avoid the fiery destruction that was coming? What would our life look like if we made use of what God has revealed about what is to come? What if the things in the Bible became more real to us than the things on television or the things on the Internet?

The book of Revelation unveils the world as it really is.

The book of Revelation can seem intimidating, or like a mystery that has some bizarre images that make parts of the letter feel as though it’s indecipherable. But far from obscuring the truth, the book of Revelation reveals the truth! It reveals the glory of God, the strengths and weaknesses of churches, the worship around God’s throne, the Battle of Armageddon, the Great White Throne judgment, the new heavens and the new earth. But above all else, the book of Revelation reveals the majesty and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. His second coming will one day crack the sky more forcefully and more radiantly than lightning flashing across a darkened sky! Join us each Sunday at 10:00AM.

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