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The Corner: Bonnie Anderson ~ The Long Road

Do you ever find yourself giving up on seeing somebody you love become a Christian? Two years ago, Bob’s dad moved into an assisted living facility (ALF) near us. His wife had passed away unexpectedly, leaving him alone in the house they shared for fifty years. The closest family was two hours away; and even though we hired help, his failing eyesight made it obvious that a change was needed....Read More

The Corner: Kylene Chin

God has been teaching me that regardless of how insufficient I feel, He is greater. When I’ve tried to figure out on my own how to transition neighborly chat into talk about God, I couldn’t find an easy way or smooth transition. But God has given me His boldness. I don’t need the perfect opportunity to share the Love of God. He’s teaching me that those five seconds of awkwardness are entirely worth it. It is for the sake of their soul!...Read More

Baptism Testimony: Daniella Coronel

It wasn't until someone preached the gospel to me that I started feeling convicted about my sins. I knew I wasn't living my life right. I felt like I needed a change, I needed something... what I needed was a Savior....Read More

A Father's Day Tribute

Noelle Orr shared a touching tribute to her dad on Father's Day, Sunday, June 16th 2013 | "...the greatest lesson dad has lived each and every day is love. And because he has loved me, I understand the love of God. I am the recipient of his legacy of love, a gift of limitless worth from a man who has no equal....Read More

From 'The Corner' - a Testimony by Jason VanLue

I’ve always been a healthy guy. I was an All-American swimmer, and growing up in a medical household meant we knew the aisles of the health food stores better than we knew our own neighborhood. The most I saw of hospitals was when I went with my dad to do rounds and eat cookies in the cafeteria....Read More