Summer In The Psalms Category

Worship as Worthship

Sunday's message from Psalm 150 lifted our eyes to the one who is worthy of praise. When we worship God, both corporately and personally, we ascribe worth and value to God....Read More

The Way of the Righteous

We heard from Psalm 1 on Sunday and it makes the loud statement that we cannot take the way of the righteous too seriously. Each one of us must consider what influences us (vv. 1-2), what our life is producing (vv. 3-4), and where we are headed (vv. 5-6)....Read More

Meeting Others In Their Wilderness: Follow Up to Psalm 63

Okay, I don't typically blog twice in the same week, but a few stories have come up that I think will encourage us all to pursue our brothers and sisters when they find themselves in the wilderness. ...Read More

Enjoying God In The Wilderness!

Here it is, Monday morning, and I am finding Psalm 63 ministering to my soul. As I was praying this morning about the present (including our hopes of having settlement on our home in Casselberry this week!) details of my family's life, I was taken back into the past and to God's faithfulness to us....Read More

Psalm 131

We began our summer series in the Psalms with Psalm 131. It reads,...Read More