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Music and Worship: Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Check out this recap of the songs we sang this past Sunday, along with some of the scriptures that inform them!...Read More

Truth Quest Study: David Was Anointed and Fought Goliath

David was not a big or strong warrior, but he trusted God. God gave David power. When God sent His Son to earth, Jesus did not look like a strong warrior either. But by dying on the cross and coming back to life, Jesus showed His power to save sinners....Read More

Music and Worship: VBS Highlight Sunday [June 19th, 2016]

Here is a brief recap of our VBS Highlight Sunday last week, where the children shared a presentation of the main songs they learned, along with a recap of the themes of the week! ...Read More

Truth Quest Study: God Rejected Saul as King

King Saul sinned by giving a sacrifice that only the priest was allowed to give. God rejected Saul as king, but He had a plan to send His Son, Jesus. King Jesus gave up His own life as a good and perfect sacrifice so sinners would be forgiven and accepted....Read More

Truth Quest Study: Deborah and Barak

God does what is for His glory and our good. (Psalm 115:3; Romans 8:28) God fought for the Israelites and used Deborah, Barak, and Jael to defeat Canaan. In a similar way, God uses people and events to not only save us from our enemies, but to bring about our ultimate good: salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ....Read More

[Alive Update] 16 Verses: Resurrection Promsed

THE STORY SO FAR God created a kingdom, and he is the King, but he made human beings to represent him in that kingdom. Adam and Eve rejected this call, which led to sin and death. But God promised to defeat the Serpent through the seed of the woman, who is also the seed of Abraham. Through Abraham’s family, and specifically Judah’s royal seed, David, the covenant blessings would come to the world. Because all people were guilty and deserved death, the sacrifices of the Mosaic law revealed more clearly their need for a substitute...Read More

Truth Quest Study: Israel Demanded a King

God intended for a heavenly king to rule over Israel, but the Israelites did not trust God’s plan. So God chose Saul to be their king. God had a plan to one day send His Son, Jesus, to rule the entire world. Jesus would be the perfect King who would bring peace and salvation to the world....Read More

10 Things You Need to Know about VBS: Deep Sea Discovery

We are SO excited to have your kids join us as we learn that GOD IS WITH ME WHEREVER I GO. Please read through this post as it will help you know what to expect next week related to check-in, daily routines of camp, special details for Friday and our special presentation for families...Read More

Music and Worship: Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Check out this recap of the songs we sang this past Sunday, along with some of the scriptures that inform them!...Read More

Truth Quest Study: Eli and Boy Samuel

Samuel used God’s words to tell the people what God is like. John 1:1 says that Jesus is the Word. Jesus showed the world what God is like, and He told people to turn away from their sin. Jesus ultimately freed people from the power of sin by dying on the cross and rising again. ...Read More

Truth Quest Study: The First Judges

The judges saved the people from the consequences of their sin, but not the cause of it. God’s plan was to one day send a true Deliverer...Read More