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Vacation Bible School 2014: Jungle Safari Recap

Here is a recap of the lessons we've learned this week as a part of our 2014 Vacation Bible School titled Jungle Safari. We hope this was a wonderful week for your family, we had a great time with all of the children that were able to participate and look forward to continuing to learn all about God in Truth Quest each Sunday as well...Read More

Alive Update: The Word And Us

From Chris: This week we wrapped up our Element’s study on God’s Word. This final sermon was entitled “The Word And Us.” Its purpose was to help our students would understand that as Christ-followers, God’s Word must be at the center of our lives. We were challenged to discover (or re-discover) a joy for encountering God in His Word....Read More

Awe of God

God gave the people of Israel two acts of remembrance to keep their salvation ever before them. The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the consecration of the first born reminded them that their salvation and redemption were entirely a work of God and of his grace....Read More

Truth Quest Update: John’s Birth Was Predicted

John would grow up to be an evangelist. He would be spiritually strong. John's ministry would be brief, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, he would lead thousands to repentance. He would humbly prepare the way of the Lord. A long time before Jesus was born, prophets said that Jesus would come. The prophets also said another man would come first to say, "Jesus is almost here!" John the Baptist told people to turn away from their sins because Jesus was coming to be King over the whole world....Read More

Music and Worship: June 15th, 2014

From Chris: Good morning, Here is a brief recap of the songs that we used to worship God through as well as some of the scriptures that inform them. I've also included an extended devotional based on the Matt Redman song: 10,000 Reasons. Enjoy the goodness of our Father God as you consider these passages and songs together...Read More

Truth Quest Update: Mary Visited Elizabeth

The angel who told Mary that she would be the mother of God’s Son also told Mary that her relative Elizabeth was having a baby, even though Elizabeth was barren and past child-bearing age. Mary hurried to visit Elizabeth. When Mary called out a greeting, Elizabeth’s unborn baby leaped in her womb in the presence of the unborn Messiah. God kept His promise to Abraham and his descendants. The coming of the promised Savior was good news! Before Jesus was born, people rejoiced and praised God for His Son. Mary and Elizabeth worshiped God because of Jesus....Read More

Music and Worship: June 8th, 2014

From Chris: I've been seeking to post the songs that we're singing corporately each week along with the scriptures that we see they are drawn from. I hope this is a helpful resource for you. This week I came across something that I thought was really cool and it goes along with one of our newer songs: 'Grace Alone' - here you'll see the author, Dustin Kensrue, putting the scriptures directly in line with the lyrics. I trust this encourages you today...Read More

Learning From The Plagues

  Hello Metro, On Sunday we studied Exodus 7-10 together. The plagues are a fascinating, chal...Read More

Truth Quest Update: John’s Birth Was Predicted

While Zechariah was offering incense to God in the temple, an angel appeared and told Zechariah that he would have a son, and the boy’s name would be John. The angel told Zechariah that God’s Spirit would be with John. John would get people ready for the Lord’s coming and turn them back to God. Compare Malachi 4:5-6 to Luke 1:16-17. God had big plans for the baby who wasn’t even born yet. God sent John to be the last prophet who would tell people about the coming Savior. John’s job was to remind the people what God had said in the past and to get the people ready to meet Jesus....Read More

Alive Update: An Open Letter to Parents

Malcom Gladwell says “it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.” (crazy when you think about it, that’s 5 years at a 40 hour per week pace). In a given week we’re each only given 168 hours, no matter what you do or who you are, President of the United States or a homeless man on the street. There are many opportunities before all of us as a part of any given week, from clubs to sports, ways to prepare for the next stage of life to simple recreation and entertainment. All of these can be good things of course … but the question is: Are they the opportunities God wants us to be taking advantage of?...Read More

Music and Worship: June 1st, 2014

Good morning, Here is a brief recap of the songs that we used to worship God through as well as some of the scriptures that inform them....Read More

The Arena of Faith

In studying Exodus 4 and 5 I find a lot of similarity between Moses and myself. I don't mean that I ...Read More

Truth Quest Update: Genealogy of Christ

The prophecies concerning Jesus’ birth are numerous, and many of them refer to Jesus’ lineage. Old Testament prophecies tell of the promised Messiah being born from the seed of a woman; from the seeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; from the tribe of Judah; from the line of Jesse; and from the house of David. The prophecies said He would be born of a virgin and would be the Son of God. Jesus fulfilled all of these prophecies. Jesus came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem. Jesus had earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, but His true Father is God. Jesus was still God the Son when He came to earth, but He also took on the form of a man. Jesus was born to save people from their sins....Read More