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Alive Update: The Word in the World

This week we continued our study on God’s Word. This message was entitled “The Word In The World,” and its purpose was to help our students see that Jesus’ person, ministry, and teachings represent the fullness of God’s word to us. We tried to help them see how they are to be communicating God’s Word in their day-to-day lives....Read More

Music and Worship for May 25th, 2014

Good morning, Here's a brief recap of the songs that we used to worship God through as well as some of the scriptures that inform them. I hope this encourages your personal worship throughout the week as well! - Chris...Read More

Truth Quest Study: Malachi the Prophet

Yesterday’s Bible story takes us to the last book of the Old Testament, the Book of Malachi. After living as prisoners in Babylon for many years, God’s people had returned to Judahâ€"their promised land. They had worked hard and overcome opposition to rebuild the temple and the walls around Jerusalem. Surely God would restore them … finally! But nothing happened. As they waited, they faced drought and economic uncertainty. God’s people probably didn’t feel like God had blessed them at all....Read More

New Song: Jesus is Better

The story of Jesus healing a boy with an unclean spirit is one of the most powerful encounters recorded in Mark's Gospel. Found in chapter 9, the writer tells us about a violent spirit that has tormented a young boy since birth. The account is graphic, and it's difficult not to read the story and feel compassion for the disturbed boy....Read More

They Gave What They Had, They Gave What They Could Do!

Dear Church, I don't know the final total of our mission offering, but I do know through conversati...Read More

Truth Quest Study: Ezra Read the Law

Yesterday’s Bible story takes place at a special worship service after the Jews finished rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. Ezra was a priest in Babylon at the end of the exile. Just as God had been with Nehemiah, He was with Ezraâ€"granting Him favor with the Persian king, who gave him permission to go to Jerusalem....Read More

How Much Did That Man Give?

Of the woman who put two small copper coins in the offering Jesus said, "She put in more than all th...Read More

What is God Like?

As we continue on in our series in the book of Exodus we reached a very well known passage on Sunday...Read More

Truth Quest Study: Jerusalem's Walls Rebuilt

This week in Truth Quest, our journey takes us to Jerusalem as Nehemiah led God’s people to finish rebuilding the city walls. City walls and gates were very important in Bible times. Walls were built to be several feet thick. They protected a city from its enemies and provided a sense of safety and security. Gates were the center of city life, the meeting place for commercial and social transactions. Without these structures, the surviving remnant of God’s people struggled and was vulnerable to attack....Read More

The Suffering God

As Christians we have to grapple with realities of suffering in the world and why God allows it. In light of Sunday message on Exodus 2, we are posting something Jason Vanlue has written on this important topic on his blog, Faith & Function....Read More

Truth Quest Study: Nehemiah Heard News of Jerusalem

Thank you for continuing the journey with Truth Quest; we have certainly come a long way together! From creation and the fall all the way through the Babylonian exile, God’s promises stand firm. This month, kids will continue with the story of the returning exiles, now known as Jews"people from the kingdom of Judah. Two or three million Jews had originally been deported, but only a remnant"50,000 people"returned after King Cyrus gave them permission to go home. Nehemiah’s story takes place after Ezra led a second group of exiles back to Judah. Nehemiah was a Jew living in Persia. He served as the king’s cupbearer, a position of great trust....Read More